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actually kng was one of the best players in every team he played
Do you like your country?
I visited Chile 2 times and i can say that Chile is a cool country, I'd like to live there
Do you like your country?
the state sucks here
Fallen to Gen.G
"FaZe.FalleN" threads
broky is doing great with AWP in FaZe, so i think FalleN wouldn't go to FaZe, liquid would be better, NAF can play as a rifler and fallen can do a good job with the AWP, FalleN can be the IGL but he's...
MIBR players future
Furia would never sign fer, but I'd like to see him replacing VINI
Do you like your country?
No Yes Portugal and Switzerland seems great to me, Australia and Canada are good options too
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nt bolsonaro supporter
i'm from south, not northeast, and yes, you probably voted in bolsonaro, you're just dumb as all the other bolsonaro supporters
expected from bolsonaro supporter
Most dangerous european countries
yes I'm, but it deppends of the area of the city, as i said, some areas are dangerous with a lot of crimes, murdering, etc. i live in a good area of a small city in the south of brazil, i never was at...
1-This is an international site, please write your comment in English. Comments in another language will be deleted. 2-you are talking shit because i live in the south and the corona virus numbers ar...
stop talking shit wtf
Most dangerous european countries
the south of brazil isn't that dangerous(I live in the south, there's some dangerous places with a lot of drugs and crimes in general, but some places are really safe and normal), i don't know about t...