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Your salary in EURO
Spain Lawyer (Junior associate) 36k Euro/year
FaZe vs BIG
Man, thank you for an objective comment. So many kids just spamming EZ *insert team*. Don't know why they always need to shout that their team is the best. I am an absolute BIG fan but not delusional.
BIG vs OpTic
Maps to be played: 1/2 Mirage 1/2 Nuke 3. Nuke
What's your job and salary ?
I am from Spain for our standards it's pretty high, highest salary for first year associates is 40k €/year. Every year you get a rise around 5k. But yes, In other countries its much higher, same law f...
What's your job and salary ?
How old are you : 26 Your degree : Double bachelor in law and politics + L.L.M (master in Law) Your Job : Lawyer (junior associate first year) Your Salary : 36k/year
Top 10 Teams by form (2019 so far)
Man, i am myself a BIG fan but cmon you cant seriously put them there. You say best form 2019 and they just went out 0-3 in the major...they have potential and they showed some good maps at the end of...
I am idiot
Why in my team noobs ?
try to lead as an IGL if you know and if nott try to igl somenone else. Most casual mixes lose due to indecision
faze is done
People are so overdramatic,it's clear that faze isn't a contender for top 3 but that doesnt mean they are done. Nowadays their goal is to be a solid top 7 team that makes some deep runs in tournaments
cant trust those 64tick steam servers
Zywoo, Simple, Niko and?
U cant fill a team just with starplayers, u need someone willing to do the dirty work and an IGL - Gla1ve + Tizian (really underrated player)
most consistent team?
Liquid was pretty consisting last year at being no. 2
FaZe Adren
Kioshima baack to faze!