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Wreck my school Kahoot
I wish OP would take a picture of the screen in the classroom and upload it, I think we deserve that
Wreck my school Kahoot
“Ben Dover” is apparently not allowed
Wreck my school Kahoot
“Rick Astley” came only 9th :(
Wreck my school Kahoot
Can someone screenshot? I can’t just join because of my phone being raetarded
I guess your faceit lvl
3, but i just started faceit
I guess your faceit lvl
2016 1300 hours DMG
Prediction for Top 15 teams
Mouse will be Top 10 im calling it
https://www.hltv.org/stats/players/compare/695/allu/2757/GuardiaN?p1TimeFilter=allTime&p2TimeFilter=allTime&p1MatchFilter=allMatches&p2MatchFilter=allMatches&p1MapFilter=allMaps&p2MapFilter=allMaps H...
Well you can't really sit in the back of the classroom with an AR-15 to protect your children every day can you? Either way, we'll agree to disagree
I guess we will never agree I'd gladly trade away a non-essential right for the security of my children in school and other public places For the record i also think there should be stricter tests f...
Thats why i said "per capita" as in per individual person. USA still wins This loophole doesn't exist in certain states like NY etc, but it very much does elsewhere. I'm sure you are right with your...
Not sure i have a propose that wouldn't restrict the 2nd amendment, but then again imo the amendment is dumb and outdated. Explain to me why USA has more killings and shootings each year per capita ...
I think USA should get stricter gun laws. I know about the 2nd amendment etc, but i wouldn't feel safe knowing ANYONE could just go in a shop and buy a gun. Americans usually counter with the "but we ...
My french super team
Zywoo and Amanek yes, rest washed up
Over the whole bo3, Guardian killed KennyS 13 times. While KennyS killed GuardiaN 11 times /thread