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Hello men, welcome to my profile. I am friendly towards all hltv mens. I dont like bad baits. Thank you.
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they gonna choke on semis mark this comment
Tinder etc.. how sad.
wtf men incel: a person (usually male) who has a horrible personality and treats women like sexual objects and thinks his lack of a sex life comes from being "ugly" when its really just his blatant s...
Billie Eilish is younger than you and she earns millions $
looks like a retard considering that i am a poor retard ...
Ghost vs ENCE
Tinder etc.. how sad.
what about people who dont go to bars, sportclub or whatever?
Onlinetares fans come here
"not overrated spanish player" is the subject of the sentence. Soo...
s1mple niko and coldzera
Haters gonna hate, cry is free. Device does not need to prove you wrong neither i.
dying to an awp every round
clixk to head men))
What's your heart rate rn
Nice bro. Have good rides with your new wheels. I am taking final exams of the university recently but i still have time to ride. I'm slowly reaching to my last year's form. Excited for the summer. 😎
What's your heart rate rn
Hello man, i remember you and your descent video. How are you doing ?
What's your heart rate rn
60, i've done a tiring exercise yesterday, today is the recovery day
What's your heart rate rn
For trained athletes, 40-50 is a normal resting heart rate. But a trained athlete in HLTV? OMEGALUL
Astralis because they were the best team by a huge margin for one year. Altough they were not good at last two months, they still can improve to their best level again.
If astralis era is ended becuase they could not manage to win last two blasts then sk/lg era never existed.
Best Barcelona of all time
Barcelona's game plan was Messi to create and Suarez, Neymar to finish. Don't tell me Neymar created and scored that chances single handedly.