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NRG beats Astralis so they drop to lower bracket. G2 beats NRG. No Astralis didnt deserve finals nice bait tho
Nitr0 aimlock?
"Nitro however did an impossible flick 1 attempt, 1 hit" Ok you gotta be trolling at this point. You realize he playing cs for YEARS and did this probably THOUSAND of times and you only talking about...
Nitr0 aimlock?
@Dustyw0w i swear i really want to believe you are joking or trying to make a meme or something. if you REALLY believe that stuff you said with "stressed out pressed aimlock button" all hope is lost f...
Nitr0 aimlock?
People are just weird idk. I do any kind of flicks that getting close to this so where you get shot from a position that isnt even in your sight right now and you flick to it and i miss 999 out of 100...
Nitr0 aimlock?
Guess thats a definition question then. If you say tier 1 is only top 10 teams. No clearly nobody in any top 10 team is using any kind of wallhacks or aimbots and if you think there are people in a to...
Nitr0 aimlock?
Pros cheat but in tier 3 tier 4 tier 5 tourneys with less than 500 viewers where nobody gives a fk. Thinking nitro cheats just makes it instantly public that you are hardcore silver stuck mm player wi...
"kenny is back"
Fallen???? And you asking people if they were in a coma?
FaZe - G2
yes brazzer :( was for sure a match in general + g2 had the performance that it should be third map. And then it comes down to who is ready to be focused again after that thriller tripple OT :/ unluko...
FaZe - G2
kenny wins like every clutch vs guardian but they dont get third map :( feel so bad for G2 they deserved another map big time
Faceit Negative Behavior
System is actually stupid af. People que premade with 1 or 2 friends and just report someone if they dont like him no matter if he is toxic or not.
es3tag nuke wallbang
FACEIT Explained
You just dont realize the difference between aim and game sense. There are people lvl 10 faceit with maybe same aim level than lvl 2-3 people but the lvl 2-3 people have 0 game sense or map awareness ...
Xantares, i’m sorry
he told me he doesnt forgive you sorry brazzer
BIG could have won 2-0
And the sad part is only 2-0 would have given them first place now they could win 2-1 and still astralis gets first no bueno rules
Tabsen & Xantares
Its so obvious that Tabsen is just way too big of a friend with gob b :D he easiely could have joined FaZe at some point for example