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MIBR Language
They use morse code and tongue clicks, and sometimes if its urgent they talk in Afrikaans
USA have to invade China
What are you talking about? They will get punished by saying that because of what happened there. It hurts the government if people know they're cruel. Rational people don't believe everything they se...
Why hate nifty?
He’s a snake, he found out people wanted to kick him so he kicked Sonic right after he found out so they’d have to keep him, and envy didn’t do shit about it. Then they fucking ghosted fugly for a whi...
USA have to invade China
They aren’t the same thing but they directly affect each other, if I’m prevented from viewing anything bad about my country, my country will look to me like it’s the greatest ever in the history of th...
Ugliest csgo team
As soon as I saw the title of this thread I thought about Triumph lmao
USA have to invade China
At least we can say “Tiannenmen Square” without getting hit by the secret police and put into a prison camp. Seriously what the fuck are you on about. You mean to tell me that the country that impriso...
make igl team
What do you mean? This team is god tier
make igl team
Seangares Stanislaw OCEAN Tarik Daps NA all the way baby
Who bought Cr4zy
0/8 nt tho
Who bought Cr4zy
Dignitas was just baiting people I believe because they’ve already been linked multiple times to the GeT_RiGhT roster
Who bought Cr4zy
Misfits, dignitas is buying the NiP retirement club
Who bought Cr4zy
Who bought Cr4zy
It could also be misfits, they were interested in a team and they clearly aren’t afraid of getting EU players
Who bought Cr4zy
Probably misfits, they were interested in a CS team I think
Complexity vs. C9
I love our players as individuals but these results won’t be tolerated. If you’re a Tier 1 player looking for a fresh start at the best facility in the world, HMU. I’ll pay your buyout and give you th...