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World of Tanks
wn8 in 2k19 and also bragging with 3k lul
((( New compLexity )))
yet you are here posting in a gaming forum.
Not supporting Hong Kong?
nice whataboutism. These violations dont make chinas better in any way.
Not supporting Hong Kong?
internment camps censorship human rights violations social credit system tiananmen massacre China is so nice to help Africa, not that they only need them for even cheaper labour and political influen...
i like how they want to fight peekers advantage and show gameplay which contradicts that at around 1.00min
2400 Mhz vs 3000 Mhz RAM???
dont get fooled, it wont. Consumer Cpus only support dual channel so even if u have 4 ram sticks the bandwith is still the same and one channel will be used by 2 instead of 1 stick. This puts more str...
pc build
is sc star craft or star citizien? cause for the latter one the 590 could limit you quiet a lot in performance (although i am not to sure how much they optimized since i last checked). What also came ...
pc build
its not. Unless u have a 4 channel mb, 2 sticks is just as fast and more stable.
k0nfig still cheating
Maybe cuz s1mple and zywoo also awp?
pc build
Gaming wise I would switch the 3700x and x570 for a 3600/b450 combo and go for a better gpu, but if u need the cpu performance its fine i guess. Instead of the Samsung evo u could go for a kingston a...
pc build
https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7n7ycq This is a little over 1100 dollar, so u can upgrade the gpu to a 2070Super or 2080 as well as adding some more case fans. But your budget is well over what u need...
EU mad
i think the cheering is cool for the stream to hype the situation just like casters, but it sucks if it influences the players behaviours imo.
huawei was the xiaomi 5 years ago.
Boring Counter Strike
Who is saying that though? I get that Astralis was boring to watch for ppl because of their playstyle, but liquid is nr1 because of their individual skill atm. That still doesnt have to make it inte...
Stewie2k Toxic?
Its just like JW, Flusha, s1mple or magisk where also hated for being toxic or arrogant, but at least they where good. Stewie is the worst on his team but still arrogant. LUL