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C9 is a Joke
Daps Auti vice (inconsistent, but can still grow) Wardell cajunb (not that good, but at least he's experienced)
Polish scene
TaZ Dycha Rallen Mouz Snatchie
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Smooya (awp) Sunny (entry) kioShiMa (rifle, support) byali (rifle) flusha (igl) all free players
why do we smoke
Started it 'cause it was an excuse to go out on breaks in high school, also felt cool being 16 and smoking Now It makes me kinda relaxed, makes me feel like I have some time just for myself (but I kno...
Well obvious answer would be TaZ, but why would he give up now on devils lul
kennyS lung cancer
well it depends on certain person, when i used to smoke my max was like five-six a day maybe
kennyS lung cancer
well 2 cigs a day isn't that much. If You meant 2 packs/day then I agree, it's too much
Poland stupid country
Also, a lot of polacks are stupid nacionalists who doesn't know any history and hate everyone except Hungarians (they even hate other polacks because politics)
Poland stupid country
Because polish government is dumb and tries to give free money for everyone (which surprisingly costs a lot of money)
well assuming that they will stick to their loose style: Flusha ex6 (recently found a team, but money baby) NEO NaToSaphix Golden
Guardians AWP nametag
No more
Guardians AWP nametag
+1 the big apple...
Virtus Pro real talk
They need to stabilize their form, you can see that when they are fully focused they can stand a chance against good teams, but they need to establish themselves on the tier 1/2 scene, which won't be ...
Polaks/Czech/Slovaks come
Hey Czech brother. Is it true that czerstwy means fresh in Czech? XD cause in Polish it means the total opposite