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mythic lol
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Nordic superteam
icelandic dude cant understand shit tho
bald people
Baldness is most common in the Czech Republic, with almost half these men going bald at 42.79 per cent. Your shitty country literally has the most bald people. Malding. and no croatia is just a sh...
hltv users come here
yes :)
is 20kg a lot?
its possible for sure to lose 20kg in 6 weeks(probably not for everyone), if you only take nutrients and not eat at all, really unhealthy to do more than a week or two in a row though. doing 500-100...
best 30+ y/o player
dont think f0rest would take a handjob from a man...
r8 my top 20 favorite series
it did for sure. though the 2nd season was pretty good. the plot became pretty stupid around sona/panama time.
its very different from other series imo. not really as much content but more mindgames/politics and good characters. i dont think its for everyone.
dexter first 4 seasons were prolly as good as got 4 first seasons they both became equally shit after tbh, i guess got slightly less bad imo.
I guess your IQ
1. idc 2. no 3. no
I started smoking
stop and start snus
N word
the n-word stands for most of the racism against black people tho and it wouldn't be used if blacks hadn't used it to flex. 0 iq
Why is NiP in Pre-relegation
yea but will move forward because they won bo3 vs nip
well considering that the english were acting as children the whole fucking last kingdom show, i would not say that.