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Dupreeh and magisk will RUIN Vitality
They are doing ok the last 3 month (far from Navi though) If Misutaaa and Kyojin keep improving, that team is really promising. But you don't know. And as of now, even if results are OK, you can't re...
Dupreeh and magisk will RUIN Vitality
AS a 6 man roster team. Please don't forget that Valve decision impact team Vitality the most. They were in the top 3, with Astralis and Navi. Other team catch up with Vitality. I feel like Vitality ...
Dupreeh and magisk will RUIN Vitality
Do you have a source for that info ?
If I have to guess, I would say pretty even ! Which is not good news for any team that is not Navi ^^
Should vitality change roster?
The goal of Vita CEO is to be number 1 as soon as possible. In the mind of VItality's CEO : two great players in the team (Zywoo and Apex as IGL). 1 good player not as his peak yet : Misutaaa 1 good ...
Jayson Nguyen-Van
Well Nafany did worst the next game vs Navi. Sh1ro and Ax1Le weren't that much better either. Lnz had also a hard game.
The drawback is that one team has a lot of pressure, and the other not. So if liquid were to have a good start, it might be difficult for OG to stay calm.
IEM Winter Predictions:
Vitality and bo1 not the best duo.
Elige to vitality
Against top 5, real stats are : 1.15 vs top 5 opponents (30 maps) I think 30 maps is representative enough. Degster, Mir are other players with not so bad result. https://www.hltv.org/stats/playe...
Elige to vitality
OK, thank you. The only problem is that you have to do it one by one, and cannot order it.
Elige to vitality
The top 5 filter is not how I would expect it to be. I would like to know how a player perform vs top5 teams, even if he is not himself in a top 5 team. Can we do that in HLTV ?
Elige to vitality
I didn't talk about Zonic. It was more about how the three will react in a game that they are "suppose" to win, but are losing. You know, when frustation comes.