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Write sth intelligent
Schools generally teach people to copy pasta answers to questions that they set and they tell us are correct. They should teach people to ask questions and question everything.
Lazarus vs Peeker's Advantage
or subroza who's so bad & clueless when he's not cheating
Ah missed it. Deserved another mention (with capitalisation) anyway :]
How is Tom Morello not in this discussion yet? One of the most innovative musicians ever.
USA come now
You realise that when you steal something you do then have it?
best white sneaker?
Sam Fisher
y USA want gun still?
Agreed, so I'll leave you to it
y USA want gun still?
You don't really try at all do you? You tell me I am wrong without any explanation as to why (or any sort of counter point at all) and then you call what I am saying retarded, again no explanation as ...
y USA want gun still?
I'm pretty sure some of those behind those appearing to hold the power would love this outcome so long as they're around to watch it all, yes.
y USA want gun still?
That's not how civil war has worked in the past* I couldn't tell you who's actually running everything in the US right now or my own country for that matter, it certainly isn't just the politicians w...
y USA want gun still?
For any that may not realise you're kidding these are the type of knives I am meaning (not bread knives) https://www.gov.uk/government/news/zombie-knives-banned-in-england-and-wales
y USA want gun still?
Not traditionally anyway. But those with that kind of view maybe foresee a civil war of some kind. Unless a majority of those in charge of the various armed forces, the police and many federal agencie...
y USA want gun still?
Oh and when you find any example of someone jailed for progressiveness and not for being a racist prick let me know. Your point will then be relevant. Until then enjoy your fake news. 'Not allowed to...
y USA want gun still?
your right wing article ran out of examples of actual jail time after about 2 and started listing ones that simply got fined. There is the point clearer for you? Also I am worried but I'm not worried ...
y USA want gun still?
Ok so one example. One judge wanting to make an example of someone & going too far. Guy was also racist so less sympathy from me in this one case. You made it sound like it happens all the time. There...