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Dude isn't it obvious? They cloned Alex and now there's 2 Alexes on the C9. Ez top 10
Who will C9 sign?
I'd say for a support player that Taco would be a good if not great option. He might not be a superstar with good aim or incredible game sense but he does his supportive tasks well.
-kjear If free agent + Daps (IGL with decent strats. Would allow Niko to be Niko again and just go ham) If not +Bntet (Was IGL for Tyloo and his IGL style is simular to that of Niko. But since N...
most toxic team?
KNG the team.
C9 new team proposition
isn't happy a valorant player now?
See it this way. Now Barcelona get a final shot at trying to make him stay. If they fuck it up now then he goes for free. It's like a do or die situation for them now.
CS actually dying?
If u feel dead inside while watching MIBR then just watch a different team lmao. I used to be an EU CS fan but then i started watching Asian CS and now i'm a Tyloo/Gen.G fan (Gen.G because of Bntet)
Brasil Obsession
Just a culture clash.
Brasil Obsession
All honestly it's because alot (Not all) of brazilian fans are so passionate for brazilian teams that they tend to become delusional and anoying. Sometimes even aggressive.
Brasil Obsession
Not all brazilians are annoying my friend. You are cool. +1
Brasil Obsession
Because of shit like this.
Why -supra +Hobbit
why not -Supra +AE86? Same car manufacturer.