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They are buggy at default demo settings. You tweak a few commands (like demo tickrate and update rate) and demos become just as "fast" as actual POV though the size of demo also increases quite a lot.
sigma players shoot opponents' toes through the wall to do 1dmg in 1 hit and kill in 100 shots
launders + scrawny
+1 Thank you online CS with the same matches every single fucking week. You'd think you'd be hyped for Na`Vi vs Liquid. Or Astralis vs G2. Now all I can see is who'll perform on LAN when they finally ...
launders + scrawny
Man I miss Sadokist rapping away in a fast round
FUN FACTS about CS:GO&1.6 Majors!
No such thing as a "1.6 Major"
Best anime movie?
Maquia When the Promised Flower Booms (or something) Made in Abyss Genocidal Organ Empire of Corpses Weathering With You Hello World
valve come pro player here
Make A4 stronger recoil (like AK) but 1 shot headshot at close range.
G2 to go 0-5 again in IEM fall groupstage
Because he's not an AWP player. He's a support (and pretty decent at it) but is being ruined by being forced to AWP. -JaCkz +dedicated AWPer should give them the necessary firepower they need- the mis...
I think the only changes Train needs is updated textures. Since it was the first remade map it uses the old grainy 2014-15 looking CSGO textures instead of the new sharp textures that Nuke, Inferno an...
cs crashing after update
cl_forcepreload 0
Batman Joker
DC animated movies are lit. Should definitely watch them. All of them.
NiP throwing because map will be updated soon and all strats are out of the window.
hasn't s1mple been on 3.09 for the last 3 years?
EU > NA in FPS
wah wah PC players have FOV sliders that gives them a MASSIVE advantage over aim assist wah wah