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North vs NiP
chill dude that round win attributed to the performance of Twist. That decision was actually good.
The Quest vs Big Frames
Ancient vs SMASH
That's close. Hope you didnt bet too much on it...
Liquid vs G2
actually they lose to shark in ECS qual earlier this month, and lose 1 map to EU on the same tournament, which makes them the lulquid that people laughed at. Why dont you just skip this qual if you do...
Liquid vs mousesports
Both team played a decent match, but mouz dont deserve to win the game if you throw 4 match points in total. Besides, ropz played quite bad in this position, hope he can change his playstyle, noob po...
North vs MVP PK
This is a typical bias, only because those choke time make a great impression on you, those game were longer and much more impressive.
Movistar Riders vs Sprout
bought galiar when you have another 1300 dollars, nice throw from shity German
Heroic vs Vitality
you know you cant win the game when a teammate choke so much, NATO is he actually playing a pro game here? so much time when vitality control from the underpass and release the sound note but never re...
Heroic vs BIG
actually this two teams are playing some awful cs.. I just cant understand about the last round decision in first half, when you have no info about apartment, have 2kills in banana, 1kill in connect, ...
Heroic vs North
insanely amateur play.. not even like a professional counterstrike I think. what happened to this tournament?
Astralis vs Ghost
dont spam about the koosta SAVE plz, he just try to find the defusekit