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Razer Viper Ultimate first impressions
Well there is wireless deathadder
Razer Viper Ultimate first impressions
Has optical buttons so cant double click
Razer Viper Ultimate first impressions
I bought viper ultimate year ago but switched back to g pro wireless just because of shape. I have had 2 deathadders and the quality is trash but viper is actually pretty solid in that area too! Also ...
zehN big throw
Well that wasnt the best move BUT 4vs3 and 3B?? wtf emi? Zehn maybe a bit paranoid when hes alone there and biggest wtf was farlig!? What was he doing
Well dont know about his teamplay but his aim is a LOT better than jemis. So atleast major firepower upgrade. And jemi dont seem to be smart player. But still no hate im fine with jemi in the team rig...
I think they will reach top 10 but wont be consistent top 10 team. I agree though that jemi is not good enough. Sad that saddyx went to sj he would have been better. Now maybe the best choice is jimpp...
Carrying is painful when losing
Same goes to you but I dont expect anything else from brazil than tilting to own friends
Carrying is painful when losing
How is that? Ypu should be having fun not be mad that they cant do shit White u try to carry u bitch.
jake paul vs ben askren
Now did you see the fight? You could immediately see that Askren had No idea how to even stand on boxing 😆 But yr clearly havent watched neither of the sports
jake paul vs ben askren
But have you seen Ben fight? Its literally all wrestling? NO striking and now its just boxing. I seriously think that he just got shit ton of money to lose.
You should trust swedish boys everybody knows they're all gay
Ence disband?
There is nothing ence can do to overcome that. They must at least disband maybe even have to kys after that humiliation