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luckiest team ever?
Cloud9 (Boston major 2018) Avangars/ VP major run 2019 (dropped off like a crazy afterwards) Both Gambit and Immortals major run (2017)
device, zywoo, simple
Just to add to your list of names, I think this year will bring back the discussion of Niko (faze) participating in the top 3-5 players of the year. He was absent in 2019 and seems to have stepped up ...
Top 5 Movies
i like your list
faze fix
Nah, keep niko and rain
Styko aim
i mean, didnt he say in a interview that anyone can just shoot people in the head or frag, but not everyone can / want to play shitty roles and support. Keep in mind these clips are like fpl and so on...
Ence disband?
Ye, i think a proper leader would fix players like sergej (young player who needs to grow) and xseven (solid/ clutch player). Allu and Sunny just need to be in the right "star player" mindset, so thos...
Ence disband?
I dont think its necessary for them to disband completely but im certain that they need to make changes. Probably roster moves. The players that MUST stay are Sunny, Sergej and allu. Xseven has not pl...
Navi will bounce back
im hoping navi bounce back, the brand is so iconic and in some ways a staple in cs. I want the team to be a championship winning team that can be a real threat.
olof on Kobe
Next major winner
Yes, i agree. I think the best team(s) to beat Astralis IF they make it to the final, assuming Astralis being in the final, then It is mouz and fnatic. Mouz just because karrigan generally performs w...
Next major winner
Thats true they didnt win every T1, but what i am saying is the team with the most likelihood to win is Astralis. There wouldnt be any logical reason to pick another team ATM. Some might say stuff lik...
Next major winner
There is no other team atm that can win a major, so it is easily Astralis. Maybe there will be a team that comes alive at that point, but atm there isnt any other team that should win.
s1mple mad
I mean this would frustrate most people i imagine, there requires a lot of planning from orgs and players.