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N0tail, qikert and petr1k its same person if u didnt know
Complexity vs Grayhound
i said to you , they're super bad, especially on Inferno
overrated after wins against HR and CoL (both 1-3)
Adren BOT
everyone knows this dude
Illuminar vs Copenhagen Flames
Nice attempt to throw stupid team
Illuminar vs Copenhagen Flames
Please dont choke Illuminar with 11-4
Brehze killed buster with ak47 (headshot) Brehze killed AdreN with ak47 (headshot) Brehze + tarik (assist) killed qikert with ak47 (headshot) AdreN + Jame (assist) killed CeRq with hegrenade CeRq kill...
Illuminar vs Copenhagen Flames
Illuminar please win Inferno....
Complexity vs Grayhound
Mirage, they trash M16R on it, dont see GH winrate on Mirage vs tier10 AU teams
Complexity vs Grayhound
their Inferno is weak, so idk GH should play very bad to lose it, i dont believe CoL fixed their Inferno for 24h
Complexity vs Grayhound
he means CoL pick Inferno after loses against HR and AVANGAR
G2 vs forZe
Why i believe in forZe after Dust2, holy shit CS so random playing good at opponents pick and playing like retards on own pick
Illuminar vs Copenhagen Flames
Round over - Winner: T (12 - 4) - Enemy eliminated Farlig killed STOMP with glock Farlig killed oskarish with glock (headshot) Farlig killed mono with glock (headshot) mono killed Nodios with usp_sile...
G2 vs forZe
cmon foRze what the fuck is this lose vs USPs lose 3v2 B plant
5 Year contracts hahahaha, they just will loot money for nothing