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Thorin on device transfer summary
I remember Thorin saying something more along the lines of what I wrote. If he didn't then it's just bad wording by him.
Thorin on device transfer summary
Who knows whether it was mostly motivated by money or not but money was definitely a huge factor. The buyout for Astralis was listed somewhere in Danish news ($1M USD) and the rumour is bubzkji's bu...
Broky wasted time
Niko does all this and in the end, stew still destroys him.
s1mple to G2?
Yeah because the best rifler in the world is Elige.
Lineup you miss?
Elliot Rodger Easiest 1v6 ever. Simple can't compare.
Sh1ro's play style will be counter-strated soon
The Krieg merely facilitated brilliant aimers like Elige to solo carry from aim.
Sh1ro's play style will be counter-strated soon
Liquid 2019 says hi.
C9 HenryG
According to these guys, orgs being able to underpay players is a great thing and taking that away is horrible. Trashtalk and cockiness should never be allowed and everything that pros say needs to be...
compLexity FIX
Impossible since stew exists.
First player to win 2 majors with entirely different lineups
Unless it's not with liquid, if Fallen does it, stew will too.
Liquid cursed ?
I mean, it's not like Astraloss haven't had their fair share of choking.
Reminder that stew, who's now a part of Liquid, was on that 2018 mibr.
HLTV Confirmed S1mple nr1
Have to be delusional to think CIS>NA. Liquid seems only a little worse than Navi and who the heck even is comparable to EG or Furia in CIS.