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bluetooth earphones
Its not like the chances jump from 1% to 80%. It still would only be 1-5>% max. Okay, yea there is a difference but its not like: Buy this and get free cancer.
HLTV pls fix
Its a typo, everyone knows it is supposed to be Liquid. And please start doing other things than make threads over something like this.. Honestly man...
wage gap
That number is not even close they have in debt. Add like 2 more zero's to begin with
The Wedding
Yea, old traditions right. Who still does that. Are you not a muslim?
Do a super team :)
Scream and ex6 are from belgium :)
São Paulo crowd
Brazil blast MIBR last chance
My predictions were on point 😎
Best Crowd??
Have you even watched BLAST lisbon?
best youtube knowledge channels
Thoughty2 i don't watch every video but now and than he can put up some interesting titles :)
dutch who speak german come here
If you are asking what the germans think of dutch and not the other way around i would say its the placement of the words in the sentences. (switching words in order making the sentence sound weird, y...
174cm almost 18 yo
Men grow till they are 21 on average. Between 18-21 you don’t grow as fast like in your teens but you still grow a bit. And some do and some don’t. Its HLTV, u want some pages of references? Google i...
I will r8 your mouse and keyboard.
Keyboard: Corsair vengeance K60 Mouse: Razer deathadder