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Your favorite player in each top 20 team
Nag Device Cerq Alex Sunny Qikert Boombl4 Woxic Amanek Rain Jks Hunter Valde Ablej Taco Rez Blamef Malta Qinkie facecrack
mousesports vs GamerLegion
Surely they will. I anticipate mouz will win but it might not be so ez. GL
AleksiB official statements (stream)
yeah my bad
Your Pickem
same https://gyazo.com/3b85eab10d8cfc840ac34c39830df4a9
Your Pickem
https://gyazo.com/3b85eab10d8cfc840ac34c39830df4a9 Need 2/3 for my last ones Vitality - who knows at this point NRG - looking good against avangar Cr4zy - should hopefully go well
real top3 players
1. Ocean
what is ur country best at?
eating and hating minorities
found 2 little kitten in the garden UPDATE
cat is different than kitten. yes there are better ways to hold a cat/kitten, but the scruff on the back of a kitten's neck goes away when they grow even 6 weeks old. that scruff is used by the mother...
found 2 little kitten in the garden UPDATE
if anything it would hurt more for the mom to hold them since they use their teeth, poster is using fingers, softer and not sharp. i assure you that the kittens are fine.
found 2 little kitten in the garden UPDATE
AleksiB official statements (stream)
he is not sure exactly why he was benched, assumes it is just for sunny since they figure they would do better with him sunny is a really good player, ence should still do just as good if not better ...
Pick'em still alive for u?
we have the same thing except i had dreameaters 0-3, so we both got fucked there lol i think its still okay for both of us. https://gyazo.com/76b225691ec182c3d9233ef388ebd13b
Pick'em still alive for u?
RIP : 3-0 HellRaisers (was a safe pick i did not in any aspect expect them to go 3-0), 0-3 DreamEaters Looking Good : Mousesports, Vitality, Cr4zy, G2, Furia, NRG, North should be decent for all of ...
oskar >>>>> woxic
mousesports vs AVANGAR
ive really liked some of what karrigan has been doing today... VAMOUZ