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Na`Vi vs Mousesports 3-2
quick win = 5 hours ez
Worst President
Mouz fix
now THIS is something i can get behind olof washed, faze can easily thrive with a younger player closer to their prime
Mouz fix
we have to wait until after online is over, if they still flop this hard at LAN then we have to look into switching up the roster a bit
mousesports vs MAD Lions
funny how not too long ago it seemed like mouz could beat anyone but c0ntact (crazy/valiance at the time)
mouz fix
or better yet, mouz jump on 6-player roster bandwagon and just get xantares to play online for them without benching anyone :)))
your steam inventory
Mouz navi
Mouz has had more success and shallower lows I would say, obviously I am biased but I think Navi is a lot worse at their lows than mouz is
Which CS:GO update would you like to see?
can d2 rework = dust2 being removed tfrom the game
world's languages
probably spanish/portugese because they is plenty of usage for them around the world polish/turkish because they look super complicated and seems impressive when people fluently speak it fast
mouz lack of firepower?
making 6 finals in a row, winning 4 of them with tons of stress and traveling, having a 2 month break without any tourneys and winning the first one with, still doing insane damage to the other top te...
mouz lack of firepower?
we have already seen what they are capable of. just wait.
Visit Armenia next summer!
now that you said there are no tourists and that we should come then there will be too many tourists now! i would love to visit if i was older
Karrigan Rating
he is not gonna get kicked so soon after all their success because of one bad game. he has bad games all the time, but he is a very important asset to the team.
mouz lack of firepower?
yeah he has definitely gotten better, but there still are the occasional REALLY bad game, but that plagues every player. woxic is very hard to get more consistent with such a high sens, but when he i...