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100 Thieves vs Chaos
Well that post aged like milk. Gratisfaction is one of their better players recently. If anything -AZR +Dexter is a much better upgrade.
Liquid vs Evil Geniuses
EG are completely GARBAGE ROFL
aussies come
disagree, Perth has nicer beaches and weather, Brisbane has nice beaches and nice weather as well, but I don't like high humidity, and Brisbanes beaches are much less accessible than Perth. Brisbane ...
aussies come
Lived in Australia for 20+ years, lived in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney for 3-5 years each and visited every major city.
aussies come
Brisbane is a complete shithole full of mostly rednecks, outside of Darwin it's probably the least civilized part of Australia. Melbourne has the best food and nightlife, Perth has the best beaches, ...
FURIA vs 100 Thieves
He has a large contract and his buyout will be a lot, It's rare for teams to poach superstars from tier 1 one teams. Cheaper to buy potential talent from lower tier teams, i.e. twistzz came from Misf...
Liquid vs 100 Thieves
That's impossible, ping has a physical limitation, data can't be sent faster than the speed of light.
Liquid vs 100 Thieves
They were signed up a US owned team called Renegades in 2016 and they all moved to the US. 100T (another US owned team) only bought them out of Renegades about 6 months back. They've probably had off...
Evil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves
their old coach Chet, they fired him and now he is coaching 100T. Chet talked a bit of shit on twitter yesterday about them.
Evil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves
Can I have some drugs you're taking if you think "EG looks good atm". EG are fucking awful right now, the only reason they may win is to spite Chet.
Evil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves
lol EG not even a top 10 NA team, complete dogshit.
100 Thieves vs Gen.G
Absolutely skull fucked those scrubs, so ez.
Envy vs 100 Thieves
100T made it to semi finals at major, and quarter finals at katowice, this isn't 2014 anymore where NA teams are a joke. NA is regularly making semi and finals of tournaments.
Envy vs 100 Thieves
After Calyx is caught hacking the result will be reversed. Weird how a guy who is utter trash on LAN is all the sudden playing godlike online.