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-dexter +chrisJ
He's had a few matches and just got off the plane, you're a fucking moron if you think someone is going to be a stud in a new team instantly, especially an IGL. Let them at least boot camp you fuckin...
Xyp9x vs RUSH
You're a fucking retard who doesn't even understand the concept of roles in CSGO, they are support players.
Rate my yolo stocks
USA legalization is possibly years away, and it's going to be even longer before you see CBD being sold next to Tylenol and Advil, there needs far more solid research done. I've been investing in Can...
Rate my yolo stocks
You're buying cannabis stocks 5 years too late. I made $500k off Cannabis stocks, but I bought in 2016 and 2017 and sold at a massive profit. The prices are not going up further.
Whatever you say fat virgin.
They're using this tournament as scrims to get their teamwork together you fucking bonehead I guess being a fat cheeto eating virgin you've never played a team sport and don't understand the concept ...
Liazz is actually an amazing player, he just hasn't been in a comfortable role in 100T due to a clash with jks. I think liazz is going to surprise a lot of people when he is lurking again. In my opi...
oBo ruined CoL
Because it takes a while to adapt, jks hasn't even met the rest of the team yet aside from RUSH. Once our lives normalize and these guys get an extended boot camp they'll be a force.
ZywOo does what S1mple would never do
1. s1mple 2. dev1ce 3. ZyWoo ZyWoo is massively overrated, great player but so overrated on here.
ZywOo does what S1mple would never do
s1mple is better and it isn't even close.
Best Pizzza
ok whatever fuckwit.
Best Pizzza
I've been a consultant for 20 years, so I've lived from 3 months to several years in a LOT of different cities. Australian, American, European, Asian. Never took any work in Africa or India, or anyw...
Best Pizzza
You fucking muppet it's the same shit as any other Chicago deep dish place. You keep saying "ITS NOT NORMAL" but what's the difference, it's red sauce and cheese you fatherless fag.
Best Pizzza
What drugs are you on? I lived in Chicago for a year, Lou Malnatis is a deep dish pizza. You can go on their website and see it.