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GOAT of all sports
He hasn't even won a world cup.
Heroic vs Evil Geniuses
EG total fucking trash, Heroic will close these scrubs out easily.
guardian :((
Wait isn't Guardian married with kids? their insults are actually meaningless if that is the case.
Complexity Actual Fix
I'd prefer oSee and FaNg to go to Extremum and replace Grat/Liazz Col have a good team, on LAN they will improve I believe.
Complexity Actual Fix
poizon has been their worst player by FAR for a few months now, and JKS has been thier best or second best player for a few months what crack are you smoking? I don't think anything needs to be chang...
Dexter PogU
Prize pool has nothing to do with it, the teams in the tournament determine that.
Renegades vs ORDER
Probably not, but they definitely perform well at major and rmr events. Australia also does not have its own major qualifying spot, they need to go through Asia minor, so it's only fair that a region...
Renegades vs ORDER
You mean the region that was top 4 at the last major, compared to Sweden who had exactly 0 people in the legend stage.
EXTREMUM vs Extra Salt
Move over there then big shot. Probably a Silver 1
EXTREMUM vs Extra Salt
how poor are you to complain about losing a bet, get a job mens
Will i lose weight?
You don't need the gym, do some exercises to supplement walking. Push Ups Sit Ups Burpees These will help build strength and help lose weight, get some dumbbells at home if you can.
Will i lose weight?
You certainly will if you eat such a bland diet long term, only insanely obsessed body builders seem to be able to eat bland shit long term.
Will i lose weight?
I agree, eating like this for 6+ months will require an insane amount of discipline. When I need to cut some weight I switch to keto for a few weeks, it's far more effective and easier to deal with.
Where all the sexter doubters now
mouz combination of riflers is pretty sick.