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Vitality vs ViCi
EZ 4 ViCi
HAVU vs pro100
Round over - Winner: CT (1 - 3) - Target saved AiyvaN killed ZOREE with m4a1 (headshot) Round started Hahahah 4v5 save as T lmfao 2-0 for pro100
NoChance vs Tricked
Round over - Winner: CT (11 - 15) - Bomb defused acoR defused the bomb b0RUP + sjuush (assist) + Lukki (flash assist) killed Maikelele with deagle Maikelele killed Lukki with ak47 (headshot) Maikelel...
AVANGAR vs Windigo
I think a couple members on their team are trying to leave for a new team or something so they don't really care or play well
AVANGAR vs Windigo
Easy for avangar, they are the only CIS team in these tourneys that doesn't throw. I see a 2-0 for them, especially watching windigo throw against x-kom lol.
AVANGAR vs NoChance
Easy for avangar
AVANGAR vs x6tence Galaxy
Thanks for your input and thinking, but I feel like avangar won 2-0 no?
AVANGAR vs x6tence Galaxy
Look who had the last laugh. Told you 2-0 avangar.
AVANGAR vs x6tence Galaxy
Avangar removed Nuke x6tence Galaxy removed Dust2 Avangar picked Train x6tence Galaxy picked Overpass Avangar removed Mirage x6tence Galaxy removed Cache Inferno was left over buster = barbarr qiker...
compLexity vs Luminosity
13-7 to 13-16. gg rip NA
OpTic vs G2
And cajunB just running into pit with all of the T's watching lol. GG optic, please disband.
OpTic vs G2
Round over - Winner: CT (1 - 2) - Target saved JaCkz + shox (assist) killed Snappi with aug (headshot) JaCkz + bodyy (assist) killed k0nfig with aug (headshot) refrezh killed bodyy with ak47 JUGi +...
paiN vs DETONA
Why does pain play 1 b every round, then get fucked on every retake with a man advantage? This is literally so retarded. Last time I ever bet on retarded brazillians, fuck you and your 3rd world count...
DreamEaters vs Windigo Academy
so easy 4 windigo
AGO vs x6tence Galaxy
It's a fake comeback guys. X6tence wins 16-13