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kenny leg
Mods, please correct this man's name. It's highly misleading
Not to say you're wrong that UK players are not all bad, I don't think they're all bad but I think the scene is weak. I know there are good players but I just want you to know that the simple fact tha...
The thing is, every region has a global mm and level 9/10 faceit. They're not equal. Global mm in EU is different skill levels than global mm in the US. The reality is global is a skill rank you achie...
Don't argue with this guy he's silver 2 max and he's from the UK so that should tell you a lot about the CSGO scene there
Americans wtf
You forgot to say something smart
Zywoo interview
I don't know
Americans wtf
Violent crime has been dropping since the 90s: Unemployment is 6%:
Americans wtf
What percent do you think it's happening at? And by any chance do you have any evidence that would say otherwise or are you just talking to talk?
Americans wtf
I mean it happens if you're homeless and the bottom 1% of society. But if you just go to college and get a normal job instead of only being able to be hired at walmart you won't see any of this. There...
Americans wtf
IDK what part of America this guy lives in but none of this is happening where I live so this guy may just actually live in like San Francisco or something
I'm a device fan - Zywoo deserves #1
4 AWPers in the top 5 sad:(
Competitive Bans for Being Votekicked
Ya I don't think in your case that you would be kicking for no reason, but I just feel there must be a better system that allows you to punish people who intentionally try to get kicked and not punish...