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Uber or taxi
Uber, is cheaper here
Imo if coldzera fails in his new team he have 3 options: 1- Abandon his csgo carreer and live like fnx; 2- Make a break to think about what he made and returning to mibr or 3- Keep playing in his new...
Mens I need suggestion
its nice
Mens I need suggestion
i mean the youtuber
Mens I need suggestion
are you dunkey?????????????????????
Mens I need suggestion
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 64 episodes
3 BR IN TOP 30
Sadness and sorrow.mp3
I don't know if he even want to reborn, actually some people were expecting him to. If he ever said that he wants to play again in top tier level sorry i don't knew about it.
Major predictiion?
+1, i don't put in an order the teams because i think each team have a good chance. ehehe that is true, he starts the major with really nice matches but then he just become a bot and play bad af. I ho...
Old lineups you miss?
2017 Faze with Karrigan, Olofmeister, Rain, Niko and Guardian playing against SK Gaming with Felps/Boltz, Fallen, Coldzera, Taco and Fer, the matches of these 2 teams against each other were insane, b...
Major predictiion?
there is a low chance of this happening because Lucas1 doesn't have a good english m8
Major predictiion?
Liquid Ence Astralis Navi (because Flamie will have a good performance to help s1mple, based on his past results in majors)
Gla1ve Shox Dev1ce Taco Olofmeister Maybe Magisk for Taco
Actual Legends in CSGO
Of course dosia have some nice achievements, much respect for him and his csgo storyline!
Actual Legends in CSGO
Dosia and Zews calm down its a joke