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idc about american sports
saddest cs moments?
Mine was the 1 where flamie died at the airport and simple just backed away from him like he meant nothing to him.
when did you start with csgo
yikes dont play casual and by the time you are grown up a new version of cs will be played man
liquid and ence wont win summit
who cares anyway when you only need top 4 for playoffs and you dont even need to try until you play them
Google Translate squad here ?
I are speck
Zellsis + Flusha + Kio
zellsis move isn't stupid , he will get a stable income and might even make it to the major with his team anyway ( idk the odds etc but they might) Getting a stable income > getting some sticker mon...
Just Graduated
WOW congratulations of graduation high school , most americans don't live that long. You are the one , you survived at least 10 school shooting , you are the last man standing!
Worst places in your country
not majorly strong but enough to cause damage to alot of buildings , and they have happend like 15 times in the last 5 years now.
Zellsis + Flusha + Kio
sounds good but then again why not favor stability instead, having a stable job > getting money once
Worst places in your country
they have apologized and said like 12 times they would stop but they wont , and they dont really cover the damage done to any buildings (nor does the insurance)
Worst places in your country
yeah due to the government trying to take advantage of gas under the ground there
Worst places in your country
ruins the reputation of the country , mostly associated with weed , drugs and strippers/hookers.
Worst places in your country
amsterdam and groningen (now with so many earthquakes)
The hardest carry?
Simple been carrying Na'vi since 2016
EU/USA fellas come here