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Liquid vs NiP
What is going on? Liquid is doing terrible, FaZe looks like they are coming back, Cloud9 has a couple of close games...crazy lol.
Make ur C9 roster
Fair enough. I need to catch up on Cloud9's games - it's been a while since I last watched them play. I hope they stick together for at least a few more months because I really do believe that they c...
Make ur C9 roster
I'd give this roster a chance, so give them a few more months. Then, I'd consider removing Koosta for WARDELL so they can have a better AWPer if anything.
- Niko + who?
If I was pro and had the chance to play with a cousin, I'd jump on that opportunity.
- Niko + who?
This is crazy and I'm just talking for the sake of discussion, but maybe they should remove NiKo and get aleksib or another up and coming IGL. Then, CR4ZY can remove their weakest link and NiKo can li...
FaZe Clan.
They won't drop more than 2 players because they'll pull a Cloud9 and lose a Major spot, wouldn't they? I'd say keep NiKo, rain, and GuardiaN or olofmeister. NiKo and rain like playing together, and ...
R8 pick'em
Syman 0-3
Envy vs MIBR
I mean, both teams had a coach playing. I know MIBR are going to be playing bad for a little bit, but Envy still deserves credit for for taking MIBR to 3 maps.
Envy vs MIBR
Damn, Envy came pretty close with their coach standing in for Nifty. Not bad at all; hopefully they will continue to improve at a steady rate.
FURIA vs Sprout
I don't know how to feel about FURIA. I mean I want them to succeed, but the whole 5 year contract thing and then not performing like they did at previous events...it just hurts to see that happen lol...
FURIA vs Sprout
Damn lol, FURIA lost to Sprout. I know they're playing with their coach, but he did better than 2 starters.
I really want to see Cloud9 do good with this roster and pull off a Major victory down the road. I know it's too early to speak, but damn, the current roster looks so promising. I would've preferred W...
Virtus.pro vs Epsilon
In all seriousness, I'm clueless when it comes to the Polish scene. I'd like to see all parties here benefit. Maybe Snax can step down, take a break, and come back refreshed on another team in a few m...
Virtus.pro vs Epsilon
OKOLICIOUZ got cut for doing bad, but Snax is also doing bad. Is he the next one getting removed?
Well, I was going to say T3 but thought it may have been a bit harsh.