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Complexity fugly
:D --- at least we can agree on something haha. For real though, I'd say FNS is worth $100k --- $150k max. It is what it is though; what happened in the past is now just a meme so it benefited some o...
Complexity fugly
I mean, he wasn't really given a chance so I'll say he was good for Cloud9, but again, he was judged off of a short period of time. He was a good IGL at the time though, I'll give him that.
Complexity fugly
FNS is not worth like $250k or whatever Cloud9 paid for him lol.
Complexity fugly
If coL kicked ShahzaM for JDM, then they'd be making the second biggest mistake behind Cloud9 buying out FNS from coL.
Complexity fugly
moose probably has a high buyout from eUnited Adding jdm to any Tier 1 / Tier 2 team would be detrimental
New VP Movie
Lit 10/10 I already want to know what he's going to make next :P
Nike or Adidas?
Im done with this game
Yeah, just take a break for a bit. When you come back, try not to think too much and don't expect much from your teammates.
Im done with this game
That's how pugs go man. People are going to run and gun everywhere; pugs are mostly about aim and some game sense. If you want to, you can try to find 4 other people to play on a team with in online l...
liquid or astralis ?
I will keep on believing in Liquid because I want them to establish themselves as 1 of the best teams in the world. Also, I want to see teams take down Astralis, as great as they are, because I'm sick...
FNX in C9
It's sad but true. He's such a nutty player when he's motivated. I think that's talent gone to waste, just my opinion.
FNX in C9
I want fnx to play on a Tier 1 team again. MIBR is impossible since they probably won't drop felps for fnx, but man, MIBR with fnx back in the Luminosity Gaming / SK days were so good.
Pick'em R EZ diamond coin
That'd be a nice to be honest lol, but I don't think people will beat Astralis for another 2-3 months.
Pick'em R EZ diamond coin
You're a troll, NIP beating Astralis omegalul.
I suppose that works too. I guess the main thing is that Cloud9 needs someone more experienced than Zellsis, but he's not doing bad given how long he's been on the team for.