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soccer, not football
Saying american "football" is the most exciting sport to watch is bonkers. Breaks 24/7. The right to call it football? The whole world call soccer for football.. bitch please, get your entitled ass o...
Yeah it's an amazing team you could put together :D A danish footballsite made a starting-eleven of players they sold in the last, around, 10 years. Worldclass players on all positions. Even the ben...
Yeah it must be kinda hard to keep being motivated as a coach or as one of the older players. But I guess that is the condition when the league can't compare to the biggest leagues. Would be so cool t...
Yeah he's already really good now. Can't wait to see him develop over the next couple of years :-)
yeah they play really well right now. Nice balance between young and experience. But I think they have to rebuild again after the summer transfer window. They lost De Jong and will probably lose De Li...
Try to beat Astralis!
I don't think astralis would have been as dominant i 2018 with kjaerbye. He had some performance issues after the major. Magisk just changed the dynamic on astralis that kjaerbye just couldnt do in th...
Thoughts on the United States?
haha yeah I could imagine. I was surprised how "easy" i could determine who was what. I thought it was a little funny when they kept stating that they were there to find the truth. But half of them di...
Thoughts on the United States?
Were watching 30 min of the congress roasting Cohen. Half of the people in congress wouldnt even listen to cohen, but just defend trump. Because he didnt do aaaaanything wrong. :D
danish dialect
hahahahaha well played
16-0 vs mibr on D2 last major :-)
Most TITLES 2019
I think 2019 will be Liquids year. The addition of stew looks very good. :-) Can't wait for the major, think we'll get to see the most exciting tournament in a very long time!
Best pro in game name
Dickstacy. What a legend!
BIG big potentiel
I don't see them as a contender for the major title, but if they improve and they find a good playstyle. Well, then they might be a underdog for the next major. :-)
got 88€ on steam
No probs amigo :-) Looking forward to try the game though. Looks promising. :-)
got 88€ on steam
The Division 2 won't come to Steam. They went with Epic Games Store and ofc. their own :-)