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5th map is real
not sure since vitality have an 81% win percentage on Overpass against na'vi. with a 5-1 score. so I think overpass is done and dusted for vitality, ofcourse there could be an upset but thats highly u...
5th map is real
debatable, I think vitality have the upper hand. because vitality will win overpass no matter what, so either vitality wins and close it out. or na'vi take nuke and we go 5th map which will be excitin...
zywoo smurfing
I hope the same, but vitality taking mirage. Na'Vi will take nuke and vitality take Overpass. but Vitality will take the title in the grand final with 16-12 trust me. exciting final incoming
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Zywoo why
agreed, both are mad talented but zywoo is the new generation and probably going to have a higher skill ceiling over time. s1mple is absolutely crazy but I think zywoo takes the crown when it comes do...
ZywOo top 1 again
but zywoo had better performances in higher tier events / teams and overall better MVP awards.
ZywOo top 1 again
s1mple definitely didn't get robbed last year but if zywoo gets it this year then yeah he got robbed. But zywoo was better last year overall, it was close but zywoo had the edge over s1mple.
zywoo fix
zywoo can speak english, just watch faceit games. he is perfectly able to give proper callouts and communicate ingame. He is just really shy.
nice people thread
I am 183 CM which is 6'0 I think? its average height for the netherlands, I'm not that tall compared to friends.
nice people thread
yoo come to the netherlands and play basketball with me, I've never played basketball. seems super fun
i r8 ur steam profile :DD
G2 situation
damn good clip. thanks :D