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Lmao he has an MVP on a tournament he didn’t win bro. It’ll probably not happen but you’re statement is false
your fav song
if he's german then i am going to be a s0mple fan
except for syrson and tabsen
Aleksib v Alex
yeah but you want to reach full potential, they dont want to go in half assed and end up top 5 consistenyl with lekro but not being able to go farther. With Alex i think they have a solid top 3 consis...
and Chrisj*
Aleksib v Alex
Alex is a really good IGL in my opinion, he had decent stats as well for being an IGL. He needs to get more credit, zywoo stole the spot light (understandably) so I really hope faze will buy him out s...
Aleksib v Alex
Lekro will be wasting their money and then they shouldve gotten Alex in the first place if he starts choking. And they can probably bring the price down to like 400-500K with negotiations. Alex is pro...
Rankings prediction
yeah it will have much more impact because of CS Summit
Rankings prediction
i agree, but i think vitality will overtake G2 since vitality has better form lately and they're only 6 points behind as of now.
Rankings prediction
not a single one of these predictions is even accurate in the slightest
Top 20 2020 So Far
He only played 1 tournament against T1 played and teams and did amazing, he shouldn’t be higher yet but I have high hopes for him!
Top 20 2020 So Far
Put JKS higher Zywoo > S1mple And you have to add Nexa, he’s insane lately
Zywoo vs S1mple