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Good mouse under 30 Euros
Cooler Master Mastermouse MM530 Dream Machines DM1 Pro S Should be around this kind of price, good mice with good sensors :)
Pick anyone to be your roommate
Yeah, I can understand your points, he does seem a little selfish but still quite cool to me, I don't know :P Also forgot to add - I have some doubts about mirbit because I don't know that much about ...
Pick anyone to be your roommate
Hmm, he seemed nice to me from what I've seen, I could be wrong tho as him and k1to are probably the ones I've seen the least from and I might've misjudged them :P
Pick anyone to be your roommate
I would just pick out of the CS:GO pros, the ones that seem cool to me from the little that we can see from them: -rain -AZR -dupreeh -RUBINO -n0thing -flusha -mirbit -GeT_RiGhT -jdm64 -f0rest -friber...
Where is pashabiceps now He was playing with them in the Esportal Global Cup Qualis
Where is pashabiceps now
He's currently playing with Codewise Unicorns alongisde Neo.
18+ Most sexiest woman at Earth
the girl reading this
why dennis?
Talented youngsters
He's too old for the requirements of the post tho. But I agree, he could be one of those guys that transforms from a crazy pug player accused of cheating to a decent pro. Btw forgot about another obvi...
Talented youngsters
He's not amazing but he's a good, stable, young t3 player, probably the best our scene has to offer.
Talented youngsters
Could go with someone like YEKINDAR then, just wanted to put my countryman in there ;P
Talented youngsters
Thought they were way older damn
Talented youngsters
Vegi, Jamppi, TenZ
i rate your new teams
xsepower qikert jame sdy Boombl4
build tier1 team
You can also change nawwk for syrsoN or mantuu or add EspiranTo as a rifler if you want to, as I said: there are more good players to choose from than you could wish :P