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I am so fancy (but you should have already figured it out ) besides that I am an occasional wisdom spreader, sometimes a smart baiter, at time a regular troller and periodically a casual talker. Sometimes I am very active, sometimes I am gone for a while, sometimes it is my choice sometimes it is the admins. On some occasions it may happen with me that I may cross a line, but make sure you don't take it personally as in the end I am just another normie on CS Go forum trying to be someone.
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fighting games
I am not into weeb shit. Tekken is far more skill dependant fighthing game than MK and way way more balanced. I don't mind playing MK with friends while having couple of beers but Tekken is my pick.
fighting games
Tekken is an awesome game. MK is for ppl with smal peepee
Visit Faroe Islands next summer!
If you need some onsite guide pm otherwise you guys are most welcome.
Great player, definitely not GOAT.
OG fans delusional
OG beat mouse, mouse beat Faze. I believe you are delusional thinking they can't win.
GuardiaN Sad video
One of the greatest, not greatest though.
Imagine thinking Global means something.
Why would you even bait with this shit?
best resolution for awp?
I play 1280x960. Its cool brotha
Jamppi cheated
He probably did cheat.
Retired player
Sorry If I didnt make myself clear but I was strictly asking about with what settings did you end up and why? Also did you change your sensitivity a lot?
Retired player
so in the end what did you keep and why? How the story end?
Retired player
Thanks Mate. doubt its going to work out though. What's your opinion about constantly changing settings, did you go through that? Is there any way to find your "perfect" settings?. I heard that some o...
Retired player
#5 Same here.. I have like 6k hours in cs go and 5k in 1.6. I feel I know so much about this game and once I started grinding local pro leagues to possibly go semi-pro or pro I started being so incon...