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Ronaldinho is Overrated
so did other players but it is too often with Brazilians that it happens cristiano ronaldos father died when he was 19 did he gave up? no Totti , Ruud Van Nistelrooy had also the same injuries and...
Ronaldinho is Overrated
almost every Brazilian is overrated they can play serious football until the age of 27 max. after that is downhill ronaldinho adriano ronaldo could be the best players in history but a weak mindset ...
NBA playoffs
1. bucks 2. clippers 3. lakers (howard will not play the playoffs ) 4. nuggets 5. celtics / toronto i have a weird feeling that Oklahoma will upset someone in the playoffs
best 1.6 players/ team u like to have at cs go
best 1.6 players/ team u like to have at cs go
when we are talking about german cs 1.6 gore, kapio and chefkoch (or how is it spelled) so the old attax
Oskar clip
most underrated AWPer , in his prime easily best awp player after guardian i still think he is better then woxic in the first good mouse lineup with sunny styko he was their best player and he was...
suggest music?!?!? something to chill
suggest music?!?!?
Congrats Russia
i hope so i like Finland but i also know u need to understand how the next generation will think how will the grow up as i said think for the next 10years u said this "fins will do something if they t...
Congrats Russia
Dude u need to understand something communism ruins a society it tales time so people start to behave normally again dont act like "free Democratic countries " are an Utopian society u think that yo...
Congrats Russia
at the moment Russia has no one besides him who is capably to rule the country i mean look where Russia was before him and look now the alcoholic Boris Yeltsin who ruined the country Russia under...