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t. nova who can never relate to what im saying Of course nothing beats good communication and fun gameplay. But anyway, why waste time explaining it to novas like you who wont ever understand what im...
ur training split
Good for you, I thought the frequent switch from strength training to hypertrophy happens on a weekly basis.
top 1 advice for ez levels
footsteps are important too, also, set ups and executes can be countered easily with good communication. 1) T's are executing site 2) flashes smoke and molly 3) have your team at mid or nearby counte...
Run and gun
>run and gunning with m4 & AK Even if ure having the best day of your life you're only gonna hit 1 or 2 bullets MAX. More importantly, git gud. Its not that hard, unless theyre running at your with...
top 1 advice for ez levels
wow thank for advice epicgamermoment!
>driving at 10 mph cuz of some bitch hogging 2 lanes at once >high-risk situation Bruhh. The road + traffic just brings out the worst of people, this is even amplified by being years and year on the ...
ur training split
And thats why you do full body workouts every session? Tell me what those are, cuz those gotta be exhausting as hell which will be counter-productive. Hell even after sets of deadlifts Im left tired...
??? bruh games at lvl 8 above, mics are only used for call outs. CHAT is silent as fuck and u barely get a "nice job" after ACEing. And no, I dont none of your mic spamming ass telling me "good job m...
Build for gaming
hello, sorry for the late reply but you think it would get stable 300+ fps with 1024x768 all low/medium??
I guess your age
I guess your age
forgive me skzl_ as I have said bad things about you :-(
I guess your age
close enough, memedealer2k19!!
I guess your age
typical early 20s amerifat lol :-)
I guess your age
>song varies alot, one day im listening to hiphop, the next day totally different mood, but currently Ive been listening to alot of eagles/bee gees and 80s popular shit >virgin? no >fave food? chick...
kennyS RETIRE?
pretty much a GOD awper until everyone realized that repeeking isnt always a good idea + the awp nerf hit him in the head and its all downhill from there...