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hltv is bluepilled
+1 and epstein,deep state etc etc
Your top5 video games EVER?
1.6 dark age of camelot sc/sc2 nes games tribes
a wall will never work, too big of a border,but patrolling it with predator drones w/ hellfire missles would be perfect
Buy cr4zy, and -letn1 +niko
Sell Greenland
And what would Denmark do with this pristine gem of American real estate? XD
^^ future shooter here, watch this one
Sell Greenland
I'd sell Detroit in 10 seconds to the lowest bidder, and I've lived in Michigan my whole life lol
ENCE vs Vitality
The first round bo1s are a thank you to all the betting sites, because they're just so random
Its been 24 hours since i snorted 2 lines of amphetaminen and my eyes are strange
The hallucinations won't start till 3-4 days in, either do some more or you'll be fine lol
Dumb shit you did as a kid
Statue of limitations stuff was j/k, rest of it 100%...my dad tried to burn my mom's house down, poured gasoline all through it, went out to get matches from truck and passed out, found by cops the ne...
Dumb shit you did as a kid
12 - burned down a garage 13 - shot out a whole row of cars windows at a car dealership - stole parents car, got caught - broke into same store 4 times, got caught the 5th - drank whole bottle of whi...
CS 1.6
Before windows Vista audio was done externally i.e not in the kernel in windows, it allowed for Uber level audio, and after it being moved into the kernel for stability reasons, no more really good ha...
ENCE > Liquid (prove)
Deepmind > tlo, deepmind > Mana, WTF happened to serral vs deepmind....
Top5 players of 2000
Wew, and the dop website, and C's 1.5 when pistols were 100% accurate while jumping, and no movement penalty after jumping,and hatclan..arguably the best clan name ever.. "Sunman" with arguably the be...
Top5 players of 2000
Mikey "meth0d" so, and all of WeW