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shox listen to good spanish music before
Rightist Logic
them legs at the first picture never skip leg day men))
i feel so bad
wtfmens, leave introverts alone mens u subconcious did that cause u wanna harm ppl that are different to protect yourself human nature
germans calm down
cajunB such a good signing, young talent
lul I played against this girl I think In faceit mens))))))))))))))))
Thats the only good thing, for me cause physical its nothing special only mental from domination but that is gone if you "pay" i never did but imagine
Men listen me, its very overrated The good thing about it is mental sensation, girl submitting I dont think u get that feeling from a hoe, u need real girl and feel u dominate without paying
I wanna leave Spain
so 70 % is everyone then? You said "everyone speak english" yet its 70 % in Netherlands Post .#93 Do you suffer from brain damage or something
wtf nip
REZ makes -1 making wallbang
1920x1080 best res
ok good but I still think low res is the best But using black bars then, 1200x900 is best black bar res I think, big models but still 1:1, nice crosshair big heads
kennyS' GF
Went from Norweigan GF to mixed eurasian GF ok
1920x1080 best res
or 1200x900, same but if you prefer black bars like me. Crosshair for 900p resolution: size: 1 gap: 0 outline: yes outlinethickness: 0.5 thickness: 0 dot: no This crosshar has been INSANE for me on...
1920x1080 best res
Agreed, Stretch is for mega noobs Or people that dont have eyes If you have good eyes, then Black bars / 16:9 is better cause game slower and its advantage
fuck dig mand, klaphat
Yes of course, but they key is EU, the jews and the banks They control Europe, and although Denmark is more sane than Sweden, its a sad sad path and future for all of Western EU If we dont take up ar...