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Dutchies come
Indeed, and if nobody stands up like a certain dude who led Germany in 1930 1940ish nothings going to change and we are basically the 2nd middle east
Dutchies come
I'm actually 100% Dutch, I want to stay here but I actually want to move because of the half-marroceans,
Dutchies come
Because I hate how my country is turning into a 3rd world middle east country I would prefer living in Brazil then here right now
Dutchies come
We have a fucked government, if ur white u can only be racist and if ur not white you can rape someone and they don't care
Dutchies come
Dutchies come
Yea indeed its dumb af, but we live in a shit hole where everything is accepted by our government if ur not white
Dutchies come
Please don't listen to this other Dutch guy, he is a clear racist, the Suriname people actually don't have problem with anything here in the Netherlands, it's mostly the other non black cultures like ...
Dutchies come
Nope, no Suriname people have problems with it except a few, it's mostly marocean or turkish/Dutch who are dumb, and in the small villages they don't have the normal pieten anymore aswell it's nationa...
I shall take the honor of filling up this list Tier 1: Liquid_Is_OVERRATED_LUL, NAVl, hobbitender, MyerHappyBoys, NotSoGoodPlayer Tier 2: d1pal Tier 3: . . . Tier 999:
When is HLTV’s Birthday and how old is it?
1940 In Germany in April somewhere
fnatic vs FaZe
Wake me up when they start
fnatic vs FaZe
Faze playing solid
Find your birthday twin!
Faze with Cold will win due to fan crowd, KNGV does another death thread and gets kicked by Mibr, Stewie gets kicked off team liquid after losing quarter final to Navi, Gambit Youngsters makes a decen...
Ok dude, if ur happy with that :)