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top 20 players of all time in CSGO
Hmmm Norway best cs? :D
broky overrated
so you dont think he could be better lmao
broky overrated
what i mean why do you trying to put out there his not a Zywoo or s1mple in his rokie year, there are like 4 players who puts up 1,20 + in rating Broky is the Sec or 3 best on FaZe
broky overrated
ok listen kid, nither s1mple, device or Zywoo its the igl of there team , yes they put up a 1,20 + rating but listen Broky does is job great his better than GuardiaN imo, and his 19 years old , his no...
broke bymas
won against NAVI, Bymas and Broky fucked the duo of Electonic and S1mple so, stay mad casue won against Navi :)
and what does that mean?
i dont if the team it self will work but yeah, i think Pepole from the Old Soviet Union can understand echother a bit so yeah, my first pick is Ropz pretty good player even do his team dont show up ...
Top 20 so far.
What's your country good at?
Sweden top 1?
KARRIGAN TRUTH all witho...
CS World cup
nah i belive he has something left
CS World cup
UK OVER NORWAY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Okay i will make ur UK TEAM M8: smooya mantuu Thomas Alex dephh ------------------------------------------------------------------ Now i gonna make Norways lineup: Rai...
Best lineup of your country
on this team you need someone to make space for Rain,jkaem and Hallzerk