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50$ mouse
kenny has been playing absolutely amazing all year (a lot against t2 opponents but still impressive)
T side head armor
yes but i see plenty of teams go for 4 aks with only one util player or even 5 aks with only a flash or two and i cant help but feel having ak with no head armor + smoke could be the right decision in...
400 2.4 gn4
McDonalds or BurgerKing?
Burger king is the shittest fast food place
Most sexy proplayers
+1 oskar doesnt care as much anymore thats why he was released for free instead of being taken by another top team
will s1mple win a major?
Simples clutch on inferno was huge and definitely shifted the momentum of the series but there are always pivotal moments like that in games we saw the same thing happen on train except electronic los...
will s1mple win a major?
lmao why are you making this comment now about navi when we saw them play great as a team during star series. Electronic was amazing on many maps and even edward had some good performances. Sure they ...
The MOST pathetic team rn
1. MIBR 2. BIG 3. FaZe This is easily the list all these 3 teams were supposed to be good and they have all been complete and utter shit. MIBR 0-5 and then 1-3 at star series and BIG 0-3 at major an...
64 tick players come
I wish more ppl would just watch that vid. Ppl just like to blame 64 tick when they do bad on it cuz they suck ass
im farting so much AMA
very true! I can usually give my friends a good laugh when i fart. I like to lean a little and aim a fart in their direction as a sign of affection and fun!
im farting so much AMA
I don't get like this often but farting is so very nice nothing like a good fart i dont even try to hide i am with you brother
Trying to learn languages
Be sure to practice every single day and expose yourself to media in that language (watching tv, listening to music etc) so it becomes more natural for you