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BnTeT: "I want to play in Europe because every top team will be there; I've received some really interesting offers"
Top 20 players of 2020: Introduction
1st. Dev1ce 2nd. Zywoo 3rd. S1mple 4th. Electronic 5th. NiKO 6th. Xyp9x 7th. Dupreeh 8th. Magisk 9th. Ropz 10th. Stavn
NAVI: s1mple, electronic agreed to new deals until 2022
+Qikert (Rifler) +Buster (Rifler) +Chopper (IGL) +S1mple (Awper) +Electronic (Rifler) There you have a good teammate but it will be expensive
Twistzz to leave Liquid, FalleN lined up as replacement - Report
GG Liquid, You Just fucked up yourself like Ence did
MIBR eliminated from Nine to Five 3 by Wisla Krakow
Liquid vs TeamOne
Grim is going rape them all
HAVU sign xseveN
Jamppi will never play in a major because of his VAC Ban, Ence will have to replace Jampii with a stand-in in the major or find a new finnish player before the major
HellRaisers vs Lyngby Vikings
The Original Logo looks better than this crappy shit logo
Gambit Youngsters transition to six-man roster with Hobbit addition
Hobbit should just go to NaVi and replace Perfecto instead. Well, Good Luck For H0bbit!
Liquid in talks with Grim; nitr0 to step down - Report
They may see Grim's performance is impressive, he's performance will immediately go down when he fought EU Team
ESL pays tribute on 10-year anniversary of cyx's death
RIP <3
ESL reveals final invites for Cologne tournaments
Mibr will not stand a chance against those European Team. Sorry Brazilians but your MiBR is not going to make it
Hobbit departs Winstrike
-Perfecto +H0bbit EZ4NAVI
Evil Geniuses proceed to cs_summit 6 North America grand final; Liquid to face Gen.G in consolidation final
If Liquid kick nitr0, ELiGE will leave liquid immedietly because nitr0 and EliGE has been together with Liquid since Liquid make their first CSGO Roster.....
NiP announce hampus signing
Kind of a Weird Move From NiP