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So you are saying he gets few fluke wins with every team he joins? Because that happened. And in quite a style tbh. If I were any team I would pay Karrigan any money to win a few tournaments and then ...
This is bullshit - he improved every team he went into, and by a significant ammount. Yeah he got some problems but that does not change the fact that he is a great IGL able to use all kinds of player...
Your IQ?
It is not possible to score directly 130 on the standardized mensa test you can have 132 or 127 but not 130.
Which country has goat history
+1 and out of boredom invented wheat, because you did not like empty fields
xD good one
+1 the debates could be the turning point but I do not see it not as a win for Biden
Jordan Peterson
Nah you got it wrong. He made some statements about neccesity of personal responsibility but he even admited that global problems need global actions. And the way he told it it made sense - I know so ...
Jordan Peterson
He is not even christian LUL
Your dream car ?
Cannot agree on that, volvos have literally all the assistantial systems possible implemented, and yeah maybe the GLE is a little bit more luxurious but thats about it. Well you got me on that, do n...
Your dream car ?
But they were amazing cars and had a quite a story about them, I think mainly the 240 but I may be wrong..
Your dream car ?
S60 is not comparable with GLE, I meant XC60 with GLE, and yeah, the mercedes has terrible driving experience, it is jumping like a cow, I have driven it and have two friends who have it and are not v...