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fnatic vs Vitality
Welcome home ! And what a show ! Congtars Fnatic !
Feel for you, brow. Rollofocker got something right also. Now with fiberoptics the buddy with 10/10mbit line is not the place to be. and moving gears to one another seems pointless. the interaction is...
ENCE vs Liquid
boring to watch
NoChance vs CR4ZY
you blow me sign :'D shame !
94kg to 77kg // How to run out from chest fats?
Here is a good tip for ya. (dont know where you at in your path but this works either way). first there is no scientific way to point burn fat cells at a specific area of your body no mater what they...
why are they talking up the Astralis VS Mirb on the Blast Pro stream Ence VS NiP ?? hope they fix the stream soon
C stream show Astralis vs Mirb ??
Can not take the time to reed ever single line so here is my CS brain dmg answer. Draken is a good player but not a complete Team player, he takes to many own decisions, a few of these decisions payo...
Flusha Joins NiP
Please help Nimwit's with the home work and ad sorce due to trust issue and troll.. Cloud 9 home page Flusha Twitter's ...
Besiktas vs Dignitas fe
Finally some girl CS stream ! more of this please ! Only thing to down on is the Team name :O BJK ? Blow job Klub 7 Big Jug's klub ? think twice please and maybe change up the letters in the future. ...
NiP vs Vitality
Just 4 this match Aztec is a map choice ;P Think this match will go NiP's way. just a gut feeling.
[18+] Oldschool Music
Some HiP HoP goddie'z
Just cues you putt top players in one team and a god igl does not make it the next best thing. There has to be god flow with in the team an chemistry, the player next to you have to be in our head and...
old but well.. -Fisker
Your phone?
Samsung s9. Own a samsung smart tv = no Apple tv/ Chromecast needed.