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Faceit London Major Gaming Paradise iBP Masters IV
In the last 15 years EU is focusing on developing Eastern Bloc... So you can't give a cookie and eat it.
Your favorite player and why?
NEO In 2004 I was playing cs casualy with friends in our local internet cafe. I wasn't aware of any competitive counter-strike until 2006. At that time I watched WSVG London and WCG Monza(both won by...
144htz logic
You need better GPU(with basic CPU) for more fps in Witcher 3. Read one more time.
144htz logic
Not true. Some games are taking more resources from GPU(e.g. The Witcher 3). Nevertheless for cs:go CPU is more important.
the new VP team
byali michu furlan snatchie +1 decent support from PL scene no more washed up players without motivation
Would you celebrate a victory over bunch of cripples?
asus vg248qe
Common problem but not with monitor related.
asus vg248qe
In cs:go on mirage with fast pace game, T models are sometimes harder to see with specific patterns behind them. On Scenery/Gaming/Theatre mode they are more visible.
asus vg248qe
I'm not asking for color temp :D I'm talking about this:
asus vg248qe
Don't you think that standard mode is not good enough for gaming?
asus vg248qe
Can you upload ICC profile?
asus vg248qe
With specific ICC profile?
asus vg248qe
The premise is - I have tested many settings and I think this monitor can't be any better. That's why I want opinions and ICC profiles to check if I'm wrong and there is another variation to get bette...
asus vg248qe
Game Mode with digital vib is sooooo trash and without it feels like you are missing smth more.