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my obo theory
maybe he has really small mouse and really big mousepad.
I just made new animated artwork mens pls r8 https://steamcommunity.com/id/justicenothingelse
Mobile ads
try brave mobile browser. it has adblock built in
Potter Casting
i think she's pretty good actually. i know what's happening in the game so i don't really need someone to explain the basics in detail too much, i just want some friendly conversation, some hype for t...
steam profile photo
omg bro i had loud volume on my tv this spooked me so hard fakk u but also good job
steam profile photo
https://i.imgur.com/a40Hdls.png i made it so it matches the background men )) pls no bulli 4 cute anime grill
u were right omg
Machine worst caster
Same bro, i sometimes turn it off when i hear henryG i hope in the future they give the option of turning casters volume up/down. maybe ingame volume also.
Machine worst caster
they do use metaphors in soccer, although it's usually a very specific point of interest tho As opposed to cs where you often have to explain a larger situation quite quickly. say a 3v2, but the 2CTs...
Machine worst caster
smallbrain just wants HenryG to tell you what you're seeing on screen instead of keeping you entertained with anecdotes and metaphors like machine and sado. "They went A and got entry, planted and won...
Best hair and eye color combinations
Hazel / green tint eyes + brown hair is GOAT combo. Like in these examples: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/23/e7/93/23e7934b9b798d25e18f119358472a77.jpg https://www.uptowneyecare.com/wp-content/uploa...
Worst team logos?
nip logo is ugly tho. looks like something i scribbled on my school textbook when i was 13 and thought looked shit. no meaning behind it besides almost kind of looking like a ninja star
Worst team logos?
+1 EG had a decent logo, but then they changed it. Better than the RNG logo they had before they switched to EG at least lmao