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Hi there!

Do you want to be responsible for a team of virtual CS players, manage your clan and lead it to the top? Are you up to the challenge?

Care about your players, buy them new equipment for their computers, compete in various competitions and have a steady look at your finances! In CSManager you need to consider every aspect of clan managing!
Another big part of the game is the tactics your players use in matches. To create your own tactics you use our advanced tactics editor. Can you beat your enemies on de_aztec, de_dust2 and de_inferno?
Will you advance to higher divisions, win tournaments and be on top of the game or are the other clans too much of a challenge so you are forced to relegate to a lower division and try to work your way up again?
In order to help you out with game aspects, CSM delivers a Mentor program where you can have a mentor that can guide and advise you on your first moves. Be also aware that this is a very challenging game where patience and hard work is the key to get worldwide success and became a legendary manager.

Are you up to this challenge?

Join us at www.cs-manager.com and shows your "special one" tactics and management skills, We’ll be waiting for you!

check this youtube link is kinda the "trailer" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9gUQyrTLWo
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