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Se7en vs Absolute
how many 5v3 will hentai keep losing haha
Se7en vs Absolute
here comes the unfortunate turn of events haha
Se7en vs Absolute
yamete kudasaiii..
Riot Squad vs Gen.G
bntet rekting NA retards
HZ vs Lucid Dream
all these tier 4 teams wanting to look good by these fixed games hahahah
Riot Squad vs Mythic
2 times 3v1 thrown by hungry streamers hahaha
eUnited vs Mythic
hungry and starving americans are doing it. gogo threw the whole series ez money for you guys
MAD Lions vs SKADE
how to throw lose 4v1 hahahah money money
MiTH.Maple vs GTV.Revolution
and people say theres no matchfix in tier 5 csgo hahaha
MiTH.Maple vs GTV.Revolution
aint no matchfixing here.hahah they just threw over 26.5 and win easy
chinese people making other chinese people look good.where reality is chinese no matter what aspect they are all trash uneducated dirty piece of trash people. matchfix more doggies
these people really think that chinese players can be considered good.when all chinese people and chinese teams do is matchfix for money.they have 0 talent in csgo thats a fact.
Project X vs SKADE
these kind of tournament is feeding hltv crews as well.theres 0 chance they will stop broadcasting these kind of games and 0 chance they will get banned.
stfu braindead cant you see how blatant they were? are you fucking silver that you cant notice the fix? stop replying on posts if you cant use your brain people like you give confidence for matchfixer...
no wonder tyloo keeps pausing for no reason lol matchfix everywhere.they pause only for the live bets not to have some tactic related conversation.