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Vitality vs ViCi
Vitality 2-0 Vici Reckon maps played Olofpass 2kFerno
Renegades vs AVANGAR
Why would they ban Cache? It should be pretty comfortable for them to play, and Renegades looked bad, like, really bad on Cache against Greyhound. AVANGAR have beaten better on Cache.
Renegades vs AVANGAR
Renegades ban Nuke AVANGAR ban Inferno Renegades ban Overpass AVANGAR ban Mirage Renegades ban Dust 2 AVANGAR ban Train Cache left over Renegades 11-16 AVANGAR
ex-Fragsters vs Valiance
Closer than expected with the form Valiance is in with bottond Valiance 16-11 Ex-Somethings
AVANGAR vs Windigo
Well, not really, that is against every federal law in every country, deceitful intent to procure gain or to influence a betting result. (I.e being a part of the bet) I know it is the case in the Sou...
AVANGAR vs Windigo
Maybe not, Jame getting hosed every round like the Jame of old.
AVANGAR vs Windigo
Nah, the AVANGAR to win 2-0 is a less obvious throw and is exceptional odds on best quote at $2.10, un-noticeable throw as it's what is expected, I'd have thought the 2-0 would be more like 1.65 with ...
AVANGAR vs Windigo
Windigo pick Overpass AVANGAR 2-0 max and relax.
Winstrike vs Tricked
Winstrike major this week, hiding strats, play default v a semi decent Tricked. Tricked are about 45-55 here. Take the + money.
AVANGAR vs Chaos
Logic says AVG 2-0 Sponsored by LootBet AVG 2-1
Heroic vs Natus Vincere
Heroic 1-2 Na'Vi Mirage 12-16 Nuke 16-6 Overpass 13-16
Ghost vs Bad News Bears
Ghost throw a map, 2.1 better than 1.72. 2-1 Ghost.
Heroic vs North
$$$$$ nice return
Heroic vs North
Looks like a tight one, over 2.5 maps for me. Always follow, never The_Fade ;)
Singularity vs Stay Frosty
Singularity 16-7 Spew Bucket