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Gaules top 1 caster
I agree. In the beginning I though he was a complete amador using uneducated and unintelligent language. Now, I still think it is exactly this! but it's funny and more personal. This is cs and not the...
let me reformulate: Do you have anything against vox?
what is the problem? at has a reference for a study and not asking what is a golden shower
dude go and check ANY statistic and not bolsonaro twitter. Any country which start to allow weapons has a growth. Stop defend anything https://www.vox.com/2015/10/1/18000500/gun-homicide-place Harv...
says the brazilian Danish boy
if MIBR go 0-5 at BLAST Sao Paulo
+1. In a few months we will also enter in war with venezuela. Trump give weapons, we gave human meat.
I just never could make the same connection I can do in personal, for example when I goes and rock climbing. If one day you had the opportunit, call some of those best guys you found to a lan party, b...
if MIBR go 0-5 at BLAST Sao Paulo
U dont be toxic, I was toxic because the other guy was toxic, but you toxic and i was not toxic with you. smokiinnnggg hard Btw, the avarage IQ in the world is going down each day, I think it's bec...
If we at least could back to pratice just in lan houses like at 90s. Really, the social part was amazing, and we just lost this, staying in home. I don't think its a health thing to do.
masturbation is praticed everyday by 95% of males and it is not a sport. SO, computer video games and hentai will never be a sport. Simple like that. Face it suckers.
Sweden refugees
good job Sweeden. Being a reference to other countries and open your ports. The real humans and not hltvs are proud
Greatest IGL of all time(csgo only)
its how satanic pacts works
CS:GO is the best CS
+1 but I need to say that I miss the lan house times and the map variation. Noawdays play anything than competitive is just trash. I miss so much many maps from old times...well, I just stoped play an...
Bomb Threats against Astralis
Just shows how ignorant people are, even when they spend half milion in a university on developed countries, although I doubt there is more than low middle class in hltv
Bomb Threats against Astralis
It was, the words which refer to bombs was nicknames for some specific fireworks. They was just joking like "we won't let you sleep". Anyways, the terrorist attack in NZ didn't surprised me, nowaday...