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[40+] r8 my mom
0/8 actually reported
NiKo destroyed CS:GO.
So that is bad? Some teams will kill for a spot in the top 20s. Also that is only one answer to three questions.
NiKo destroyed CS:GO.
NiKo started the concept of "international teams"? What awesome teams got destroyed? Did they really transfer because of NiKo?
Grayhound's coach
Atheists and agnostics come here
Can you tell me why humans are creature of logic and reason, than?
Atheists and agnostics come here
Does a computer not malfunction from time to time? Their are glitches and such unpleasant things that deter the perfection of mathematics. What you say sound like a desperate analogy in determinism.
Atheists and agnostics come here
Logic and execution are two things, so do you do everything because its rational and logical? Did you not ever do something even though you thought it was wrong? Or are you saying no matter what we do...
Atheists and agnostics come here
Life is not all logic and mathematics, our lives as humans are largely affected by other humans; and humans are illogical. Mathematics is the program codes to our universe that we live in but not our...
rate my beard
The beard is actually not bad.
Netflix movie recommendation
Yes, I also suggest The Departed. Its a american adaption of one of the greatest Hong Kong Crime Thrillers. In this a gang member is undercover in the police force while a Police undercover is in the ...
I hate women
LUL, nice one.
I hate women
Hang in there my man, this life is difficult. I think that to find sex for you should be easy if you are truly as attractive as you claim; but love is difficult, so you must persevere. Besides, you ca...
Freya or Frankie??
I mean both are good, but Freya needs more screen time for me.
Freya or Frankie??
Why do we have to evaluate them by looks? Also VP forever.