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Cloud9 CSGO team is dead
why not? Because in online it's harder? Suddenly their skills don't matter?
Faze and G2
yeah, that is unfair, Cold is 10x better than Kenny
1400 euro setup?
that's good to know
1400 euro setup?
I actually know AMD is ahead in CPU and are cheaper, but how are they with GeForce graphics cards now? as There used to be lots of conflicts in drivers all the fucking time... and probably what keep...
1400 euro setup?
But yeah, I love - easy to build PC under 1k$ videos where just the guy says - ye it's so easy. Just order stuff and they send sometimes for free - dude you fucking have 20 million viewers, maybe it ...
1400 euro setup?
Yes, good idea, to ask here, where you can't see shit for 1400$ according to some youtube videos it's easy to get: ah Curved monitor 144HZ 2k 2070GTX i7 16GB RAM 512SSD + 2TB hard drive water cooling ...
Women should receive the same salaries as men in football!
Cloud9 CSGO team is dead
read carefully, I said they were a Solid TOP10 team!
niko actually the best igl right now
Stewie2k is an IGL wow, pretty good for someone so young, but because he's so young, he might not make the best calls due to lack of experience
They are far from best team in the world
weight loss help
that's like mindblowing, I am fat as fuck and I know that!
weight loss help
dude, you are like fucking 5kilos away from your perfect weight - just go to gym and train if you want muscles to show! You won't get muscles if you don't train!
Magisk is fine with AWP, Dupreeh is fine with AWP... already much better players... What are you suggesting here?
Faze and G2
problem I see with this is, that some teams go out sooner than later and don't get a chance to lose their high rating(on player) as they are not playing anymore. There could be a 1.2 player but he ne...
Faze and G2
good comparison, but clearly Faze comes up on top. I think the same stats can be applied to nearly any top 10 teams and they will be pretty close. You can't rank team just by player ratings...