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man... xD I don't even know how to start it. Is she s1mple's twin?
Is MIBR the most overrated team in CSGO history?
Except Astralis, every other teams are somewhat over rated.
bntet xccurate muslims?
Asians aren’t white. Bright skins aren’t white. People don’t treat Arabs as white. Same thing with Asians. Do you know Arabs are more genetically closer to whites? Asians are very far away than A...
Too many people.
idk. depends on where ever we want. And every each asians, blacks and hispanics will not be on the same side as well though. We will divide eventually.
Losing interest in games
Halo master chief collection in steam. It will open soon.
And since you know pretty hotass looking girls never been kind to you. So be careful if you make lots of money one day. "If you have money, they come, Out of money, they leave." -> This equation nev...
Can't improve
Well time to quit. I quit because I could not go over mge. I did face lots of DMG, LE, LEM, I don't know but I never go above MGE. I did solo que most of times. Which means "Solo que is your true skil...
Hey, don't care about what ever they say. Well, I do understand because I do get called ugly as well. But try to be a person like "whatever the fuck you say, as long as it doesn't against law -> harra...
Is Serbia in danger?
hahahaha. You can say that's a joke. Even if it does, we all somewhat like and hate each other. Because God created us like that since we are the top of geological pyramid. Everything has beginning an...
nice right wing
More than 90% idealogical shootings happened by WHITE RIGHT WINGS'.
Dear HLTV, I need your help.
I haven't done it, because no chance for me to get there.
Dear HLTV, I need your help.
Well... I never had 'deep' relations so I don't know. While you are hanging out have some fun. But don't cross the lines. I never did but I do see many US teens do that. That's kind of crazy what I th...
CSGO = P2W?!?!
Well, CSGO is just a game. It is okay even if you don't reach global. As long as you don't take CSGO carrier, please don't waste too much time in CSGO. You play CSGO to waste some stress. So keep i...
Safest country?
A country that only 'You' live in. More than 2 people will eventually have 'conflict'. Which it could lead to the worst: 'killing'.