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My old name was BerkE8. Jame is just baiter and overrated. Nothing to say guys
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cringest moments of your life ?
The only moment that i can write here, i was goalkeeper in my class team and there was a school tournament. Everything were going good till i lost the ball that coming like a turtle " entire school an...
I guess your city but it's better
Nice brother
I guess your city but it's better
A-N Aegean Sea Turkey You will guess it easyl brother.
Im not a lasagna fan
Its very popular in my country. Girls just watch it because of they think the main actor is so hot. And i think this is so cringe lul.
Im not a lasagna fan
tomato and lucifer series, bruh.
Im not a lasagna fan
U right about it but can u explain as you did at #5
Xantares_0_top20_mvp_0tierlanevent_0tier1eventevp Onliner
U r fan of overrated, onliner, shit. You r fan of the player that saying "Zywoo can't even walk on lan, he is cheater". You r fan of the player that has no top 20 award. Even i like and support xantar...
C9 Smooya/Woxic?
I like smooya but he is overrated, brother. Dont say like that.
C9 Smooya/Woxic?
My couisin who is 13 years old has same jacket and also he is very big boy. So my couisin will join C9?
woxic's tweet
You prefer a plane so then i can prefer F 35.Wait thats illegal rn xD.
woxic's tweet
Then i "sikorsky"
woxic's tweet
That was my opinion even its a bullshit. Whatever happens except valorant ill be happy no problem.
woxic's tweet
I can defend Elige or Device like that. Flag is a important but you know im right brother.